MY SWEET SWEET, ROSALINA! Reasons for why she is hot, and why I love her.

In case you didn't know, I am in a deep relationship with Rosalina from the Super Mario series. I've loved her ever since I laid my wee little babby eyeballs on her. She is sooooo hot! I don't think anyone really understands her like I do. For starters, In Super Mario Galaxy, she is the queen for these little star creatures called Lumas. They treat her like a goddess, and for good reasons! I'd be her servant, in the most non-weird way possible. (Don't take that out of context, I've only imagined that like 9 or 10 times okay...) Wait, what were we talking about.... Oh yeah, Rosalina! Anyways, she's clearly the hottest Super Mario character, despite her being the last princess in the series (as of right now.), She is definitely the best out of all of them! Despite Pauline being around the longest, and her decent breast size, Rosalina is still on top, #1!!!! THE BEST MARIO PRINCESS!!! Ahem, anyways how about we go over her best features, such as appearance and appeal. 1.) Her georgeous eyes! Everytime I look at her I always look deep into her very beautiful blue eyes right after I stare at her hips for 1 hour. They are the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen with my own eyes, It's almost like I'm staring into the night sky. Oh how relaxing it is... 2.) Her size. If you didnt already know, Rosalina is actually larger than Peach and Daisy, she is a Heavy weight class whilst Peach and Daisy are a puny Medium class. The bigger the better, and Rosalina is both of those things. She could sit on me, and it would be- Umm, let's go to the next rreason, hahhaa........ 3.) On the topic of Mario Kart, if you choose her and a bike or motorcycle. She get's this smoking hot biker outfit! I always make sure I use her with a motorcycle so I can really see that beautiful behind. Have I mentioned how THICC Rosalina is? She is HUGE dude! Like I said before she is a Heavy weight class, unlike Peach and Daisy, the stupid dumbies that try to be as sexy as Rosalina. They don't even come close to her beauty! Now, why do I love Rosalina so much? Well, all of the reasons above are some of my reasons, but my main reason? She was my VERY FIRST WAIFU! Yes, my very first Waifu, but not my last. I've had a bunch of Waifu's after her, but Rosalina always stayed on top. I used to like Peach, Daisy, and Pauline... but they are all FAKE PRINCESSES, TRYING TO TEAR DOWN MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY WONDERFUL ROSALINA!!!! Nobody can take me away from her, so I took them off of my Waifu list. Like I said, I have other Waifu's besides Rosalina, but they are so weak compared to her. Rosalina is truly, the top tier Waifu in the history of Waifu's!!! I don't care what anyone says, she is always my #1!